February 7, 2023

IPhone: FBI succeeds in unlocking the latest model without Apple’s help

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With the help of a case called GrayKey which costs 30,000 dollars, it is possible to unlock a latest model iPhone.

As part of an investigation, the FBI managed to unlock an iPhone 11 Pro without asking Apple for help. The maneuver succeeded thanks to the GrayKey case, developed by a former Apple employee, reports Clubic.

The FBI wanted to unlock the iPhone 11 of a man suspected of helping his brother leave the United States after being convicted. His lawyer assures that the authorities could not use the face of the suspect to unlock the device.

Apple refuses to cooperate

The GrayKey case, developed by Grayshift, costs around $30,000. The system has been around for several years, but until now has only worked for iPhones running iOS 12 or earlier. This time, the box has succeeded in unlocking a smartphone running iOS 13, especially the latest model (and therefore the most difficult to hack in theory).

For several years, the FBI and the US government have been trying to push Apple to create a “backdoor” on its iPhone, which would allow authorities and intelligence to access certain information on a smartphone. For the moment, Apple still refuses to create this backdoor, believing that it would endanger the entire iPhone ecosystem as well as the personal data of its users.

“We help Apple all the time on commerce and many other areas, but they refuse to unlock the phones of killers, drug dealers and other violent criminals,” Trump tweeted on Wednesday. “They’re going to have to work together and help our great country now! ยป

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